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It’s Not Just About the ‘Box’! 

The success of John Morris Scientific, and distinguishing feature from all other instrument distributors in Australia, is based on more than just providing the ‘box’ or its price - it relies on our additional capabilities to add value to a purchase (ie ‘box’) in a manner customers understand and appreciate.

The acknowledged value we add as highlighted by many of our customers includes:

Fully supporting our entire product range with choice of Service Agreements, repairs and installation
Supplying products across all industries from premier manufacturers
• Providing customers with in-depth product information and solutions

The service received from John Morris Scientific has been second to none. Immediate responses to enquiries, easy trial of products and professionalism have all made our choice to deal with them a pleasure. We couldn’t have been happier with the standard of service we received and look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.

University of Melbourne

Unfortunately these values are not always recognised until a customer has been abandoned on a service request, has lost goods in transit, can’t find the right solution to their problem, can’t install the equipment properly, etc.

We offer more than just the product – we offer the full package:

At John Morris Scientific we focus on satisfying end-to-end customer needs which in turn engenders strengthened customer loyalty … today and over the longer term.