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CPP 5Gs Automated Cloud & Pour Point Analyser, with Pour Point Head

Part Number: V22301PProduct Details


With a patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism, ISL's CPP 5Gs is the only instrument able to determine pour and/or cloud point of all sample types at ultra low temperatures below -90°C (-130°F). Its unique cooling technology eliminates external liquid connections and the heat and noise associated with external cooling. Moreover, this ultra-compact, easy to use instrument is ready to work whenever and wherever you are; simply plug in the electrical cord, and begin testing. The unit can be powered from car battery with an optional adapter.

The CPP 5Gs determines pour point of petroleum products by tilting the sample - no turning, pressing or twisting - as an optical detection system precisely monitors movement of the specimen surface. Precise optics detect cloud point in the specimen when wax crystals first appear.

The CPP 5Gs is 100% configurable to accommodate your unique testing needs, yet also provides strict accordance to method in standardised testing. Automation enables unattended operation with greatly improved reproducibility and repeatability. This fully self-contained, stand alone unit is further enhanced with ISL's optional ALAN™ Windows-based software, which enables PC-based operation and multi-instrument networking with powerful data management and export features.

Simple, Precise Testing
• Compact and portable; easily moves throughout your lab to area ideal for your unique workflow
• Quick test setup: on-screen prompts, pre-programmed methods
• Fully configurable test parameters for customised testing
• Real-time display of test progress and results
• Completely self-contained, patented cooling system
- enables ultra-low temperature testing
- saves energy
- eliminates heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units
• Instrument cooling jacket can be used as independent cooling bath for other cold behavior manual tests, such as CFPP

Reliable Performance & Quality
• Automatic calibration with calibration frequency program; probe correction capabilities
• Stores time-recorded, automatic calibrations with results
• Endurance tested and proven for long-term operation
• Accommodates and enhances most rigorous quality control programs

Optional PC Control & Multi-Instrument Networking
• Centralises control and data management of up to 31 ISL ALANready™ cold behavior, distillation & flash point instruments
• Test initiation from central PC or from instrument
• Automatically stores results to database with sorting, filtering capabilities
• Transmits results to external computer, network or LIMS with data extraction mask for each test program
• Stores test programs, calibrating conditions, and service parameters for easily trackable quality verification
• Stand-alone and/or PC controlled operation; multi-instrument networking with ISL's optional ALAN® software
• Compatible with other Windows-based applications


• Ultra low temperature testing to -95°C
• Compact and portable
• Simple, 1-button test initiation
• Standard or customised stepped cooling profiles
• Stand-alone operation and/or multi-instrument networking


• Lubrication Oils
• Base Stock Oils
• Distillate Fuels
• Liquid Petroleum Products
• Biodiesel

Pour Point Methods
• ASTM D 97
• D 5950
• D 5853
• IP 15
• ISO 3016
• JIS K2269

Cloud Point Methods
• ASTM D 97
• ASTM D 2500
• ASTM D 5950
• ASTM D 5853
• D 5771
• ISO 3015
• ISO 3016
• IP 219
• IP 444
• JIS K2269


Part Number: V22301P
Calibration Automatic temperature calibration routine
20 point temperature probe correction table
Programmable calibration frequency
Documentation On-screen and printed reports (Centronics® link)
Connection to PC or RS (delivered as standard)
Up to 99 results in memory; unlimited storage with PC
Enhanced data management with optional ALAN™
Operation Detection - Optical, tilting
Cooling - Internal cooling system; Stepped cooling according to method or user defined; Up to 20 steps can be customised
Test Interval - Programmable 1°C to 5°C in steps of 0.5°C
Temperature Range: Jacket - -105°C to +55°C (-157°F to +131°F)
Sample - -95°C to +51°C (-139°F to 123°F). Samples having EPP higher than +35°C have to be preheated externally
Temperature Measurement - °C or °F. Jacket - 0.5°C accuracy; Pt100 metal probe. Sample - 0.1°C accuracy; Pt100 glass (standard) or metal (optional) probe engraved with serial number; delivered with calibration certificate
Password Security - Multi-level password protection
Options & Accessories ALAN® Software - Enables multi-analyser networking with centralised operation and data management
Mini Jar - Enables quick pour point measurements using 15ml of sample
DC Power Adapter - Enables to power the unit from car battery
Reference Materials - Wide range of CRM material for cold flow performance testing is available from PAC
Ordering Information CPP 5Gs Cloud & Pour Point Analyser with built-in cooling system. Includes alphanumeric, solvent-proof keypad and easy to read LCD with real time test results. Delivered with one detection head: pour point or cloud point. Also contains 2 test tubes corresponding to selected test, and 4 cork rings & disks.
Standard Test Methods ASTM D 97, D 5950, D 5853; IP 15; ISO 3016; JIS K2269
Utility Requirements Electrical - 100-240 VAC, 150W, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H) - 30cm × 65cm × 34cm (11.8" × 26.6" × 13.4")
Weight - 28kg (62 lbs)

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