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7200-101 Flow Module

Part Number: 7200-101Product Details

  • 7200-101 Flow Module (optional) maintains a precisely controlled flow
  • Outputs diagnostic data with the data record
  • Requires 15W of power to maintain a flow of 15 LPM nominally

The 7200-101 Flow Module (optional) draws the sample volume through an insulated intake tube (typically 0.5m to 1m) and the LI-7200 optical cell. With precision pressure sensors and intelligent feedback controls, the flow module actively regulates flow to ensure a stable, carefully monitored airflow rate. The 7200-101 Flow Module outputs flow rate, motor drive percentage, and diagnostic information with the data record to indicate when filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

For eddy covariance applications, the 7200-101 provides a practical solution to the challenge of moving the sample volume from the sampling point to the analyser. The LI-7200 can also operate with a user-supplied pump.

LI-7200 Enclosed CO2/H2O Gas Analyser: Combining the Best of Open and Closed Path Analysers - High Speed, High Precision, Low Power Consumption


Part Number: 7200-101
Bath Dimensions 35cm × 30cm × 15cm (13.8" × 12" × 6")
Flow Rate 15 LPM (10 to 18 LPM, user settable)
Operating Temperature Range -25 to 50°C
Power Consumption 15W nominal @ 15 LPM
Power Requirements 10.5 to 30 VDC
Weight 6.15kg (13.55 lbs)

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