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MultiGas™ 2030 HS 5Hz Combustion Analysis

Part Number: MultiGas 2030-HSProduct Details


The MultiGas™ 2030 HS is a high resolution FTIR based gas analyser designed to monitor automobile, diesel and catalyst combustion exhaust at 5 Hz sampling frequencies. The analyser is designed to allow gas flows up to an exceeding 100 L/min with no back pressure or acoustic gas cell noise generated that could degrade the quantitative measurement. Twenty plus (20+) gases can be quantified simultaneously at this frequency without any reporting delays. Samples containing up to 30% absolute water content can be monitored without chillers by maintaining the gas temperature and appropriate particulate filtration. Detection limits of 1 ppm or less are achievable with this analyser by using higher sensitivity narrower range MCT detectors. The system comes calibrated for 1 atm gas pressures at both 150°C and 191°C (for diesel applications).

The MultiGas™ 2030 HS analyser is composed of a high speed 0.5/cm process hardened FTIR spectrometer. The spectrometer is coupled to a patented 5.11m high-optical-throughput 200 mL gas sampling cell with ½ inch plumbing to reduce backpressure and allow for higher flows. The analyser generally incorporates a high sensitivity liquid nitrogen cooled MCT that can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The system is delivered complete with easy to use software and health diagnostics, calibration, installation and training.

• 5 Hz monitoring of combustion species
- Greater emissions knowledge
• Single analyser to measure traditional and non-traditional emissions
- Reduced equipment requirements and cost
- Reduced maintenance
- Reduced cost of ownership
- Expandable to new or future emission components
• 0.5/cm high resolution FTIR spectrometer
- Reduced spectral interferences of critical analytes due to water and CO2
- Greater calibration linearity
• 200mL - 5.11m gas cell
- Reduced volume produces faster response time
- Longer path lengths produce lower detection limits
• Calibrated @ 1.0 atm for 150°C and 191°C
- Drift free calibration
- Configured for both diesel and automotive emissions
• Complete diagnostics
- Analyser health diagnostics to troubleshoot hardware problems
- Calibration diagnostics to prevent calibration drift
• High speed computer supplied
- Factory configured software and calibration
- Reduced probability of timing glitches due to high frequency analysis
- Up and running on first day of installation
• Numerous communication protocols
- Connectivity to current customer systems


Designed specifically for process and environmental monitoring, the 2102 Process FTIR Spectrometer is compact and rugged. Capable of operating at spectral resolutions up to 0.5/cm, it is the fastest, most sensitive and stable process FTIR available. In addition, it can operate in hostile environments with a high degree of immunity to vibration and temperature changes. An advanced, high-speed data procesing system is standard, and provides low-noise infrared spectra for analysis.

This spectrometer is coupled to a patented low volume (200mL) multi-pas gas cell with a 5.11 meter effective pathlength. The patented design of this cell incorporates aspheric, aberration-correcting mirrors which provide the more than twice the optical throughput of a conventional multi-pass gas cell. The gas cell can be set and maintained at any temperature up to 191°C. Normally it is operated at 150°C or 191°C for combustion applications.


Part Number: MultiGas 2030-HS
Computer High speed Xeon™ processor supplied with analyser
Construction Nickel coated Al; Welded 316 stainles steel optional
Detector LN2-cooled MCT; TE-cooled MCT
Dimensions (W × H × D) 17.5" × 12.5" × 25.5"
Fittings ½" Swagelok®
FTIR 2102 Process FTIR
Gases and Vapors Measurable Most molecules except for N2, H2, and O2
Infrared Source Silicon Carbide @ 120°C
Installation 19" rack mount chassis
Measurement Technique FTIR Spectrometry
Mirrors Nickel plated aluminum substrate, with rugged gold coating
Optics Purge Flow 0.2L/min of dry nitrogen or CO2 free clean dry air with dewpoints below -70°C
O-Rings Viton® (others available)
Output Options XML, analog, AK, others (please inquire)
Power 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 amps
Pressure Transducer MKS Baratron®
Purge Connection Swagelok® quick connect
Purge Pressure 20 psig (1.5 bar) max.
Ranges Concentration setting between 10ppb and 10% full scale
Reference Laser Helium Neon (15798.2/cm)
Sample Flow 1-100+ L/min
Sample Pressure 0.0-1.3 atm (calibration pressure dependent)
0.95-1.05 atm (nominal)
Sample Temperature Ambient to 20°C (calibration temperature dependant)
Scan Speed 5 scans/sec @ 0.5/cm
Scan Time 0.2 sec or longer
Spectral Resolution 0.5/cm-128/cm
Spectrometer Purge Flow 0.2L/min of dry nitrogen or CO2 free clean dry air with dewpoints
below -70°C
Tubing Heated ½" stainless steel
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Windows KBr; CaF2 (others available)

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