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SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyser, with enclosure

Part Number: AGA407Product Details

For over 25 years, PP Systems has been manufacturing high quality CO2 infrared gas analysers for researchers and customers from a wide variety of disciplines throughout the world. We are considered a leader in CO2 infrared gas analysis measurement instrumentation and our analysers are in use in over 100 countries worldwide. Our innovative Auto-Zero Measurement Principle ensures the greatest accuracy, reliability and long term stability that many of our customers have come to expect throughout the years. In addition, we offer a range of environmental probes for use with our analysers enhancing measurement capability.

SBA-5 CO2 Analyser
Accurate, compact, low cost optical bench for incorporation into users existing systems.

  • User programmable
  • High precision CO2 analyser
  • Accuracy: <1% of span concentration over calibrated range
  • Small footprint (7.5cm W × 12cm L × 3.5cm H)
  • Automatic pressure and temperature compensation
  • Operation from 6-18 VDC power supply
  • Analog and digital output
  • Low power consumption
  • Attractive price
  • Growth chambers
  • Environmental control rooms
  • Incubators
  • Animal/insect respiration
  • Breweries
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • CO2 leakage monitoring
  • Indoor air quality and safety
  • Oceanography
  • Industrial monitoring
Auto-Zero Measurement Principle
All PP Systems' CO2 infra-red gas analysers feature the Auto-Zero facility. This feature, which occurs at regular intervals, allows for fast warm-up, adaptation to changing ambient conditions and excellent stability of the CO2 signal. The action of auto zeroing minimises the effects on span (gas sensitivity) of sample cell contamination, source aging, changes in detector sensitivity and changes in pre-amplifier gain.

Based on our extensive in-house testing, we concluded that true Auto-Zero instruments such as ours provided greater stability and reliability for the following reasons:
  • Major effects of temperature are on the transmission characteristics of the interference filters and in 2 wavelength instruments, these are required to closely track.
  • Dirt in the cells, changes in cell reflectivity, changes in source position or relative emission over the source surface can differentially affect the sensors.
  • Changes in source temperature will affect the relative emissions at the two wavelengths.
  • Cross sensitivity problems to other gases are increased as neither wavelength must be affected.
  • Both sensors will require electronics and these must have identical temperature coefficients and must age exactly the same.
  • Reliability must decline as the component count increases.
  • Using two sensors degrades the signal/noise which is inversely proportional to the sensor area.
Therefore, for the reasons described above, we believe that the Auto-Zero measurement technique is best for all applications that demand the accuracy, reliability and long term stability.

SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyser product brochure


Part Number: AGA407
Accuracy <1% of span concentration over the calibrated range but limited by the accuracy of the calibration gas mixture
Analog Output Dual 0-5V linear (CO2 and H2O); 4-20 mA (CO2 only)
Analysis Method Non-dispersive infrared, configured as an absolute absorptiometer with microprocessor control of linearisation
Calibration User programmable calibration (if required)
CO2 Measurement Ranges 0-1000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 0.1%; 0-2000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 0.2%; 0-5000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 0.3%; 0-10000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 1%; 0-20000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 2%; 0-30000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 3%; 0-50000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 5%; 0-100000 ppm (umol mol-1) / 10%. Custom ranges up to 100000 ppm upon request. Measurements are automatically corrected for temperature and pressure.
Digital Interface RS232 (Header and terminal block); USB (Mini Type B)
Dimensions (W × L × H) 8cm × 13cm × 4.5cm
Electrical Connections USB (Mini Type B); 12 Pin pluggable terminal block; 2 Pin power input; 0.1" Header (12 pin)
Gas Connections Two barbed fittings (inlet and exhaust) for use with 1/8" (.125") ID tubing
Gas Flow Rate Through Analyser Range - 100-1000 cc/min (maximum), 200-500 cc/min recommended
Linearity <1% throughout the range
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
PCB Type FR4
Power Consumption 8 W (warm-up); 1-3 W (normal operation and dependent on ambient temperature)
Power Supply 6-18 VDC
Pressure Compensation Range 80-115 kPa
Relative Humidity Range 0-95% RH, non-condensing
Sensor Input 1 sensor input channel (0-1V)
Stability Automatic Zero at regular intervals, corrects for sample cell contamination, source and detector ageing and pre-amplifier gain changes
Weight 0.4kg

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