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Installation & Customisation


Our trained engineers are able to install your equipment and fully train your staff at
your premises.

For larger projects requiring purpose-built installation or modifications to existing infrastructure,
our team can work with you, plus co-ordinate external contractors to strict deadlines and
specifications, to deliver customised instrumentation and solutions to meet your needs.

Customised Solutions

  • Vacuum systems
  • Water monitoring, flow & metering solutions
  • Acid digestion and reactor solutions
  • Thin Film Deposition systems
  • Liquid handling solutions
  • Flow chemistry solutions
  • Freeze dryers
  • Petroleum measurement instrumentation
  • Complete laboratory fit-out including pumps, tubing, fittings, chillers, taps,
    instrumentation and integration with other contractors

The project accomplished ‘Perfect Delivery’ which is measured on the following criteria:

1. Achieve handover by date of PC
2. Zero Defects
3. O&M Manuals and User Training within 1 week of PC
4. Key Client Values

a. Team Collaboration
b. Defect Free due to restricted access post PC
c. Deliver project on time ready for semester classes

Look forward to working together again soon.


  ISIS Chemistry Team  

At John Morris Scientific Instrument Services we take great pride in the quality of work undertaken and level of support we provide to our customers.