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Setavap Vapour Pressure Analyser

Part Number: 80000-0-UProduct Details

The Setavap Analyser is an automatic multi-mode vapour pressure tester with a test pressure range of 0-600 kPa and a temperature range from 25°C below ambient to 100°C. The instrument is fully automatic, including the septum change, sample draining, and print-out of test results.

The instrument features six modes of operation, including a Reid vapour pressure mode. In the vapour pressure modes, the operator can select single or multiple vapour pressure tests on a sample at static, ramping or stepped temperatures. The vapour-liquid mode enables determination of the temperature which produces a pre-set pressure.

All functions are accessed via the membrane keypad/digital display, while audible and visual prompts advise the status of the instrument and progress of the tests. Test results along with time, date, and sample identity are output via the integral printer and RS 232 port. Pressure can be presented in kPa, psi, kg/cm², mbar, mmHg, or in Hg.

Calibration is automated and can be carried out at full vacuum, atmospheric pressure, or high pressure. A calibration certificate can be printed out.

Supplied with: 5ml syringe, 3 needles, septum strips, paper/ink package, flask, mains lead and instruction manual.

Note: Seta 22422-6 Vacuum Pump is required for operation.

  • Five vapour pressure modes, including Reid
  • Vapour-Liquid ratio mode
  • Automatic operation
  • Selectable units
  • Integral printer
  • RS232 interface
  • Calibration and verification equipment available
  • ASTM D5191 - Standard test method for vapor pressure of petroleum products (mini method)
  • IP 394 - Liquid petroleum products - Vapour pressure - Part 1: Determination of air saturated vapour pressure (ASVP)
  • ASTM D5188 - Standard test method for vapor-liquid ratio temperature determination of fuels (evacuated chamber method)
  • IP 409 - Liquid petroleum products - Vapour pressure - Part 2: Determination of absolute vapour pressure (AVP) between 40 and 100°C
  • EN 13016-1 - Air Saturated Vapour Pressure (ASVP) of Petroleum Products
  • EN 13016-2 - Absolute Vapour Pressure (AVP) of Gasoline at Temperatures between 40 and 100°C
  • Correlates with D323; D2533; D4953; D5482; D6378; IP 69; IP 402 (obs); ISO 3007; EN 12 (obs); JIS K2258; NF M07-079 - An automated instrument. Test pressure range 0-600kPa, temperature range from 25°C below ambient to 100°C
Setavap Vapour Pressure Analyser brochure


Part Number: 80000-0-U
Chamber Volume 15ml ±1%
Computer Interface RS 232C
Power 200W
Pressure Resolution 0.1 kPa (0.1 psi)
Reid Mode Display shows RVP equivalent
Size (H × W × D) 35cm × 45cm × 37cm
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C (0.2°F)
Test Pressure Range 0 to 700 kPa
Test Temperature Range 25°C below ambient to 100°C (resolution 0.1°C) (45°F below ambient to 212°F)
Units of Pressure kPa, psi, (lbf/in2) kg/cm², mbar, mmHg, in Hg (user selectable)
Units of Temperature °C or °F
Vacuum Requirement Better than 0.01 kPa (abs)
Voltage 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60 Hz (switchable)
Weight 22.8kg

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